Reagan Legacy Foundation 2016 Scholarship Winners Named

On Monday, March 14, Michael and Colleen Reagan, presented $25,000 in scholarships to USS Ronald Reagan Sailors and family members who serve aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.

The presentation was held in the hangar bay aboard USS Ronald Reagan. Commanding Officer Capt. Christopher Bolt made opening comments and then expressed his appreciation for the continuing support of the Reagan Family. “For the crew of the greatest warship ever made in the history of the world, you can see how special we are. Across all ranks, across all families, all departments, we have a group of great Americans gathered here today,” said Bolt. “It is sincerely heartfelt to be remembered. To promote not only the legacy of the president, but just the fact that you [Michael Reagan] would make the continued effort to support us to raise the money for these scholarships for our Sailors and their dependents is fabulous.”

After the scholarship presentation, Michael Reagan addressed the crew with words of inspiration, “Thank you so much for your service,” said Reagan. “I will be back again in Japan every year to give out more scholarships. The scholarship program is available to family members also, because they serve as much as you [military members] serve. They are at home fighting the battle as you’re at sea fighting the battle. So, thanks to the family members, all your families, for their service to this great country of ours also. Thank you for what you do and thank you for serving aboard USS Ronald Reagan, the finest craft in the United States Navy bar none.” Michael Reagan added that he plans to be in Japan every year to visit the crew and present more scholarship awards.

Only USS Ronald Reagan sailors, airmen, and their dependents are eligible for the Reagan Legacy Foundation scholarships. For more information, contact Faye Justice Eson at To submit an application, go to: